Frenzy / Crossing / Ammo Box on last Cap invisible, unusable

Had this before, today it happened again. Several people encountered it, while others could use the box without problems (player in picture is using it right there):


This seems to happen regularly, now also on Summit. You can see people standing at the box to resupply, but it's not there for everyone. It's not just invisble, it can't be used at all but blocks movement.

noammoboxsummit2.jpg noammoboxsummit1.jpg

Hey @Feuerholz,

Thanks for pointing this out! I'll pass it on to the team!

Bug is still here with 1.4, ammo crates at the end are invisible, while mini map shows the last crate to still be active (not sure if it still works, didnt try).

The box is useable though by resupplying via the loadout menu.

yes this is an old bug, happens on ministry as well

just don't expect it to ever be fixed because the devs don't care