Trucks should have a 2 speed rear end

Ever large simi truck in rear life will have a 2 speed rear which doubles the amount of gears the transmission has I think this could be brought into the game and the button you would use would be square on ps4 and x on xbox idk on pc but it would make the game more realistic, enjoyable and immersive.

Hopefully that will be solved at MR2.
If I am not mistaken, real trucks don't have two reverse speed, but a reduction gearbox in addition to regular one. As you can see, current game miss that as well...

Mudrunner 1 was originally on military Russian trucks trucks though. With Mudrunner 2 seeming to be have a American semi focus from the get go however, they might figure that out.

However it depends how the physics go. In Mudrunner 1 you can barely handle a semi in 5th gear as it, and faster scout vehicles like the Blazer are basically undrivable in top gear. So if Mudrunner 2 has the same physics, what's even the point of adding a high range gearbox? It'd never be used anyway.

So yea, if we're to have low and high gearbox then we need the game physics to be done over.

@justinlynch3 Totally agree! Weight and traction simulation is poor in MR. It shows off when driving at "relative" high speeds. Everything goes out of control and vehicles to seem to be skating on ice.