I suspect these devs don't play their own game

If they did, bugs that have been in this game since launch would be gone.
IE: Why am I still running around on fire from a Molotov Bug?

-Retreating AI enemies will no longer abort the retreat behavior to shoot a close range target. This was causing issues after a counter-attack where an AI enemy would retreat with a spawn zone en route, encounter players, and open fire. =BS!!!! I encounter this every single day. I just did 5 minutes ago!
-AI enemies will now only throw molotov/incendiary grenades at targets with direct line of sight. This ensures players have some time to react, as they detonate instantly. Normal frag grenades will still be thrown at targets behind cover.=BS!!!! I see about 5-10 molotovs thrown and/or hit someone when the AI isn't even in the same objective as us. I saw a guy just get hit by one that was thrown from Objective B to Objective A. No freaking way the AI had a line of sight on the guy!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
-Reduced accuracy of bot grenade throws by 10-20%.=BS!!!!! THIS is the most ridiculous statement to date.
-AI enemies with heavier weapons (marksman rifles and machine guns) will always rush to cover instead of firing en-route.=BS!!!!!!!
-Ambushing AI enemies will go into sighted mode if they hear a threat coming.=TRUE!!!
-AI enemies will take longer to zero in when using marksman rifles and machine guns, and be less accurate.=BS!!!!!!

ALL of these statements from the devs are TOTAL BS!! I encounter all of the points stated above every time i launch the game. These devs are straight liars!

Again, these dudes don't even play their own game. Cause if they did, they would have changed these issues a long f'n time ago.


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They might not have the time to play any game at all, because they are working hard on bugfixing ( other bugs than those you quoted ) and new maps 😉
And at home i doubt that anyone of them plays computergames as they might be tired doing coding stuff , sitting in front of monitors all day long.
So yeah you might be correct with your statement.

I also hope so much that those bugs you mentioned are being fixed soon as possible because they are really annoying !

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@LetsGoChamp said in I suspect these devs don't play their own game:

ALL of these statements from the devs are TOTAL BS!! I encounter all of the points stated above every time i launch the game. These devs are straight liars!

My condolences. I had my fair share of this "BS" until I couldn't bear it no longer and erased the game after 750 hours official playtime. Sad to see this otherwise totally fine game sinking into oblivion, because devs decided to try covering their ineptitude or nonchalance with downright lies to their playerbase. I mean how blind must you be not to see hard reality during the actual gameplay, under the nice patomkin facade they sell you as "change list"? None of the items touched the core elements that cause the most grief to players during the last 6 months and most of the time I was positive, the issues behind the bullet points are still very much there. Yes. Total Bullshit, that's the appropriate terminology and it's still an understatement.

Btw I too made the same conclusion you mention in the subject << I suspect these devs don't play their own game>>. Still, if I may come forward with a similitude: just because I'm a bicycle repair man, it won't stop me from riding my bike every day.

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Yup. Everything the developers have claimed to have fixed is still broken. The patch notes are nonsense.

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Maybe you right, but the game is still amazing and critical bugs are realy rare.
Developers makeing new cosmetics, new map, new weapont and modding tool! (look for roadmap)
So they just have no time to play the game imo.

@Sulfur Game breaking bugs are extremely common.