alpha ak states it uses 7.62 when it uses 5.45

The caliber on the alpha ak is wrong, it should be using 5.45x39 not 7.62x39.... the 3d model of the magazine and bullets inside the magazine are 5.45x39mm.

Or the magazine needs to change to be 7.62x39mm.

I assume they made it 7.62mm to distinguish it from the AK-74.

This is just one of those little things that should be a no brainer that make me think nwi is incompetent

@Insanity The Alpha AK also cannot use either AKM or AK-74 magazines, for some reason, so I dunno what the hell it's supposed to fire lmao.

The Alpha AK is supposed to be an AK-104 (I know there's a source for that somewhere but I can't seem to find it), which uses 7.62x39mm IRL, and as far as I can tell, in Sandstorm too. So, being purely a visual issue, the magazine can be corrected by either giving it that of the AKM or some proper synthetic 7.62 mags, similar to the Mk18's PMAGs alt text