For gods sake ! Developers Please put more attention to A.I. coding ! Frustrating gameplay in COOP

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I love it when bots can john wick you with an uzi from across the map when you witness them coming around a corner not more than half a second ago.

Happened all the time, comrades, fortunately I quit long ago. Judging from the comments, nothing's changed.
One video says more then a thousand words.
Youtube Video

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Bumping this one up too !
Still the A.I. problems are NOT solved !

Hire a god damn expert team for A.I. coding to engage all these problems ... why does the lead game developer ignore what the community members give on feedback !?
Instead of focussing on the reported problems with the A.I. the developers bring out new visual stuff and make other little changes to the User Interface.


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April 2020, Hopefully “Operation Nightfall” will rework all this bullshit “A.I” (wouldnt even call it artificial intelligence bcs theres no depth of complex processing in their behaviours whatsoever to justify “intelligence”, theyre just walking hackers, and often sleepy ones at that). Hopefully its coming soon, 2 of people complaining bout the a.i and uve done nothing about it NWI, nearly NOTHING! im 450 hours in and im getting sick of them sleepy hackers, heck i would PAY for a dlc to fix ur shitty turdy “A.I”, work on it ASAP will ya? i’d gladly pay for a DLC so get some coders who actually know how to code “A.I”. peace out

Bots having access to molotovs in Coop serves no purpose. You can run away from grenades, but if a molotov lands near you it's instant and often unavoidable death.
The bots can even throw with pinpoint accuracy from behind cover!
If you shoot a bot that's preparing a molotov, the molotov can explode in the doorway you're supposed to go through, and you have to stand around waiting for the flames to go out for 15 seconds.

Taking molotovs away from the bots would be a purely positive change.

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