Hardcore COOP bot voice bug.

I've been playing HC COOP for the past few days after a long time, seems like theres an issue that keeps bugging me, and that is female security bots are using the Spec ops voice. This might sound weird but every single time i kill a female bot i hear the spec ops voice screaming. Unfortunately i don't have recording of it since im too lazy. I'll try and get it and edit the post once i do so. Just a little post about conformation.

Hey @Muhammad,

Thanks for pointing this out. Indeed, that sounds really strange. Did this only happen in Hardcore Co-op?

I thought that was only happening in Hardcore Co-op. But after a few rounds of regular checkpoint today it seemed to happen there as well, but its exceptionally rare. So i guess its more common on Hardcore.

@chaton Thanks for the quick replies, means alot! Also i just played a match of Hardcore and noticed that the security bots are all using the spec ops voice. (Including the female bots as i have mentioned before) Not a single one of them are using the regular voice. Hopefully this helps the devs to identify the issue and fix it.