[Known issue] Previous Flagships cannot gain exp


Sorry to make a second post but this bug is also significantly painful to play through...

In order to update my fleets I regularly make one of my smaller ships a flagship, sell of the previous flagship, then recruit the new one (Battleship, etc). This effectively replaces the old flagship with a shiny new one when I didn't want to make room by trashing my upgraded cruisers/BC. However, due to the new ship level system, not only am I forced to lose levels on the smaller ship I use to transfer flagship status (Less of a bug, more of a mechanics issue I think), but also every ship that at ANY POINT was my flagship but is NO LONGER cannot attain any levels. In the case of the fleets who's ships start at lvl 1, I had an entire fleet of BCs stuck at lvl 1 for over 8 battles, due to having used both of them at one point to shift my flagship. Thanks.

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Hi, this is a known issue and a fix is on its way. Thanks for the feedback !