Ideas to make the Mute function better

I love the Mute feature--the ability to silence the mob of harassers/bigots/spammers makes the game much more playable. Here is some feedback on the tool:

  1. I love the ability to mute an individual in a match, then have them continue to be muted in subsequent matches. Don't change this--let me keep consistent nuisance players muted permanently (or until I decide to un-mute them). I haven't tested it so I don't know how long the mute lasts. If it was a permanent mute, that would be perfect. For example, one well-known does nothing but spew actual, Nazi sewage constantly throughout the match. I would like to be able to mute him, then never have to hear him (or, in his case, see his typing) ever again without thinking about it.

  2. Mute All is one of the best buttons in the game! Silencing an obnoxious lobby with one, fell click is fantastic. Here's what will make the Mute All even better: have it mute all players in the match now plus all players who enter the match after you click the button. Right now, Mute All mutes everyone present on the team when the button is clicked. As more players join, they are not muted. Have the Mute All be a toggle that mutes all player input regardless of when they join relative to the button click.

It's a great feature already, but I think that one tweak would make it just about perfect. Thanks NWI!

Hello @skillet,

Thanks for your feedback!

If you mute someone in-game, the mute should be permanent. If you have any chance to mute someone in-game, and the mute is not permanent, please let us know!

As for the second one, I'll pass it on to the team.