Since it takes 20 years to get into a competitive match in this game, and the other playlist are less than exhilarating(4 rounds and 16 guys on a team doesn't play out very well), and designed for people with a 2 min attetion span. You guys need to add a playlist like this to push more players into competitive matches. Right now none of the other playlist prepare you to play in a comp match. So new players join, jump straight into comp, get destroyed, yelled at by their teammates for not having a clue and then never pick the game back up again. This specific NON-COMP W/COMP SETTINGS playlist should have more of an incentive to play than the other playlist(push, skirmish, firefight) i.e. more exp earned than in otherr playlist, or more in game currency. Anything that will get more players to move over to comp. This game desperately needs this imo to foster more new player adoption.It also gives comp only players who are waiting for thier buddies to hop on something to do(the regular playlist games don't cut it for comp players, the games need to go longer or something) I really loved the first insurgency, hell I love this insurgency so please add this playlist so I can get my solo daily fix. Thanks.

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