Separate key to launch underbarrel grenade?

The switching between underbarrel launchers and the rifles they are attached has always felt like trash, and now i actually got killed because i was "switching weapons" from underbarrel launcher and the rifle it was attached to...

I mean the guys hand is on the pistol grip at all times why is it that i have to "switch weapon"?

It would be way less messy if i had a separate key to press, which would then do the process of slightly moving the left hand to shoot the underbarrel launcher and then return normal rifle firing state.

Of course some people like it the way it is so they should be allowed to continue to use it, as i said this should be a separate keybind, something like "fire underbarrell launcher".

Same problem bro.
Whet you throw a granade and then press 1 to switch on main weapon and you switching to underbarrel because main weapon has beed switched by itself after granade.
I was killed like that too.

It would be really nice to have different keys for different equipment: underbarrel launcher and all granade types eather.
If you have 3 grenades you can't choose last one fast enough.

@Viheraho nah, it just needs to be much, much faster of a switch.

Hey @Viheraho,

Thanks for the feedback. It'll be passed on to the team!