Content the reason to play the game in the first place!!!! We, as players, deserve MORE!!

NWI is stuck between making more content (which means MORE bugs) or fixing all the current bugs and then focusing on content.

Picture this: an old car with rust, air bubbles under the paint, an interior with ants and rats and shit living in it, engine problems, flat tires, etc.
Now picture someone disregarding all of that. He paints over the rust spots and air bubbles, puts a sweet body kit on it, and tints the windows so no one will the interior. He fixes none of the issues and hopes people will be happy.
This is what the game is starting to feel like.

Look at WoW. That game is loaded with content that brings people back day after day. They crave the grinding, the leveling up, the sweet loot from boss fights, the pvp, and just all round satisfaction from advancing further into the game. What they aren't coming back for are the updates. And they shouldn't be. Updates shouldn't be what "brings people back." They should be on the side, fixing bugs, optimizing, configuring quality of life. And then every once in awhile, they can role out 1 large content update to keep the players busy for another 5 months.
This isn't sandstorm ^^^.

I have already made a post on this topic here describing the state of the content. We are literally relying on new maps, guns, cosmetics, etc. A NEW MAP TAKES A LONG TIME TO GET RIGHT! And the fact that we have nothing to grind or work on while waiting is a HUGE mistake by NWI. We get impatient and start pressuring the devs. It is unhealthy for everyone.

When did it stop being possible to play a game just because you enjoy playing a game?


When did it stop being possible to play a game just because you enjoy playing a game?

And this is why Editors exist : your attempt at a snippy comment fell out the window because you can't proofread what you type while typing...way to go.

No one said it was impossible to play the game while liking it...that would be stupid. How the hell...

What we are saying is that it gets harder and harder to play the game while the issues exist. Now you're checking every body 4 times because animations can be misplaced and an alive enemy can ragdoll into a corpse, confusing the crap out of me as to who is shooting in this room of me and no one else...

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yea i wish they would just give us all of the old maps with ambush and the old ins music. its fucking shit not being able to play vip.

Sweet baby jesus you said what we were all thinking

Thank you for all the positive feedback! @quackrejackt @xDark @Turyl

We ned game modes.
And I'm not talking about silly memey game modes like Frenzy. We need real game modes that aren't copycats of Checkpoint mode.

PVP needs the old game modes back. Coop needs hunt, outpost, and survival back. Core content is so thin right now that people only need to play for a few days after each update to experience everything the game has to offer.

It really feels like the game still isn't released.

Comparing an fps game to a MMO RPG .... not sure about that one chief

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Give us a workshop and mod tools, we will add our own :p We are an army of us versus a few devs 🙂 Thank you

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Hello everyone!

More game modes, maps, night version maps, and mod tools are planned for 2019.

what are the bugs people are encountering? ive not noticed any for a while now.

@SpartanViperz a game is a game. The reason people play games over other games is because of what they offer. Obviously MMO RPGs are a much different game style, but it is the same insensitive as to why they are popular. If they removed all leveling and such from WoW, then what would be the point to fighting Bosses? That is just one example.


The incentive to play games is pretty different in wow and fps games like Insurgency released 2014 (please explain with more depth if you see it differently in comparison with ins2).

Sandtorm uses the same name, so a lot of ppl hope to see similarities between Ins2 and InsSand because of that - They want more of Ins2 type of games.

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam has also clothing unlocks as Sandstorm does, but level unlocked clothing and paid unlocked clothing mostly makes players reveal more skin and be easier to spot: like short sleeve jacket, no jacket, tattos and white bandages - It is mostly a cosmetic feature without making it pay2win - Many skilled players use the starting gear because of that even if having a lot of playtime, because the starting camo does the job fine.

Rainbow 6 siege goes further and adds abilities that rewards players for buying more expensive versions of the game that gives an advantage in pvp (the definition of pay2win). It is possible to unlock abilities (different characters with other specialties) but it takes a lot of time and patience many ppl dont have including me.

Both RS2V and R6S are popular, so its not a given what direction brings more customers.

Also countersrike global offensive have weapon cosmetics that are just cosmetics, though with a huge downside, the trading system.

I hope NWI stay in the ballpark with RS2V, and keep away from a trading system with real money as it attracts a lot of hackers and thugs: Ppl that wants to scam kids by hacking their accounts to sell their stuff and poor people who hacks ingame fulltime to grind gear they can sell on the market.

There is by all means many ways NWI could add longevity to Sandstorm, so the right type of content is welcomed by most players. Right now it seems there is a balancing problem for NWI by needing to add stuff to keep the game floating on one side, on the other side removing bugs, optimizing and balancing gameplay/maps to make the game fun to play (or even playable).

@chaton what about different leveling systems? This game is lacking in it.