1st and foremost - A BALANCING OF TEAMS - I'm tired of having Ranks 40 and below VS Ranks 80 and up - Obvious fucking fix, I mean really ,
2nd - The WHOLE MAP should be available to be climbed up - I mostly Snipe but EVERY GOOD sniping position currently ALLOWED has View obstructions - How am I supposed to snipe when every map blocks my view , and anything allowed puts me out in the open / some place I am easily seen, ALSO I dont like that I cant climb rocks/Mountains that look EASILY climbed. Either allow me to climb the 13inch rock or make it flat.
3rd - Where the fuck is the Ghillie suit for Snipers - some of this shit is BASIC - cmon guys
4th THE WHOLE MAP NEEDS TO BE AVAILABLE - The Point buildings should be protected by unkillable NPC's or untargetable or CLOSED DOWN to keep EARLY Captures from happening, but If I am capable of getting into the Enemy side of the Map to shoot them in the back , I should be allowed to do so