Hello everyone!
Since the patch which came out on the 4/7/2019 the game wont run anymore.
There are no crash Reports provided in any matter...(Nothing in the appdata Folder too) 😰 😰 😰

The first problem i encountered was that the patch, despite having enough room on my storage, said "not enough storage space" and started bugging. Even after deleting stuff and having several dozen GB of space, it didnt continue to run.

After this i uninstalled the whole game, deleted EAC, then downloaded and installed everything again (which takes some time,since i only DL 1mb/sec and it pisses me off 😞 ). Strangly EAC was not installed automatically.
When i tried to start the game again, first i was asked to install EAC, which i did.
Now,when i try to launch the game, the EAC launcher runs smoothly, switches from Main Task to backround Task, and then disappears. The Main game never starts whatsoever and is not displayed in the Task Manager.
Un-/Reinstalling the game several times didnt help.

Deactivating EAC via "NoEAC" command did Nothing,and checking the files for Errors did neither.

Any help is appreciated,i am out of ideas 😕 and reaaaaaaly wanna Play the game,i longed for it since it came out and now i cant Play 😞