Problem:Blue Screen

I am playing this game and while playing 5 minutes later blue screen problem

Do you really think that we can help you to find a solution by just saying you got a blue screen after 5 minutes and nothing more ??
You are really funny !

Buddy, comon use your brain !

We need a lits of :

  • complete PC Hardware
  • Operating System ( and does it have the latest update ) ?
  • all Hardware drivers updated ( especially graphics card drivers ) ?
  • is your CPU and/or GPU overclocked ? --> if yes tell us the details of your overclocking especially the voltages of your CPU and GPU !
  • did you clean the inside of your PC within the last 4 weeks to ensure nothing is overheating because of dust ?
  • what are the temperatures of your CPU and GPU ?
  • is Sandstorm the only game / software that causes a bluescreen ?
  • what software is running in backround ?
  • how many Frames per second do you normally have in Sandstorm and other comparable FPS games.
  • Which resolution do you have on your monitor ? ( running in fullscreen mode or windowed mode ? )
  • etc.
  • etc.

The more information you provide the better the problem can be found and eliminated.

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