Bug : Laser dot is huge in optics

In one of the last COOP games on Ministry map i just observed this weird bug where the laser dot was huge inside the optics of the anti-material rifle and also visible on the rifle when not aiming down the sight.
I think it was caused by getting too close to a wall while leaning behind cover.

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Noticed the same on Outskirts, after defending C, there‘s a wall to the east with an open doorway - if you stand in front of this doorway, your laserpointer gets big.

Might be a wall hitbox or something.

There isn't necessary for an obstacle to be in front of the gun. When pointing the gun on a target via 7x scope from a far distance, the dot is bigger then the target's head. From that moment one might think that it will hit the head but the bullet passes near because the laser dot is bigger then the hit box and actually the gun is not accurately pointed at the target but slightly near.
I'd suggest to make the laser-dot barely visible at far distances.

The laser dot is already ridiculuously big even without this bug.
I can always see my teammates laser easily.

That's a good thing though, I want to see it clearly when I shoot and the dot jumps around. I hope they dont make it "barely visible".

Yah, I've seen this happen a few times. It seems the dot can sometimes render on invisible geometry on the map, usually moving a little will make it stop. I've also seen it frequently when shooting out of doorways and it seems the laser still thinks the door is closed.

I notice this when transitioning the dot between objects too. When aimed down sights with a magnifier, the laser dot will temporarily become huge and then appear on the new object. This happens even without world geometry in the way; just aim at the edge of something (e.g. burned out car) and wiggle the sights back and forth across the edge.

Hello all,

Thanks for the further information! I'll pass this on to the team!

Hey @JoeK5142,

Thanks for the follow-up. I'll pass this again on to the devs.