Better rewards

I just got to level 50 and my reward was a random skin and 100 currency points. What a dissapointment! I love buying new cosmetics but this system isnt rewarding at all. You get minimum XP from kills and capturing objectives. So what's the point of trying your best? I would love to see a more rewarding system!

Also, what is the point of having a ''career average experience count'' when sometimes you join a game that's only seconds away from being finished. That doesn't seem like something usefull. Same thing goes for K:D: If you die once and have 4 kills you are better off than having 30 kills and dying 10 times. To me that doesnt make a whole lot of sense..

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XP most depends on time you playing as i noticed.

If I play against sniper and he kill me 10 times, but I get objective point then, both of us are winners.
Because he playing for frags and I playing for objectives.
And if there will be only one winner, there will be more dissapointed people and somebody of them will go to stronger team and make team balance even worse.
I like rewarding system now, it allows everybody to play more for fun, not for win at all cost.

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I don't disagree with you at all! I feel like everyone should be rewarded equially. But reaching level 50 without any compensation feels a bit stupid to me. They could at least reward you with that.
And sometimes when you have played a match that you feel really good about because you capped the last objective by yourself should be rewarded somehow.
At least 10% of experience should be ingame points. I feel like it's currently 98% playtime XP

Hello @TheOtherUs,

Thanks for the feedback. It'll be passed on to the team!