I'm dying

Did those "Inscription Playtests" already take place (see announcement on Twitter)? If they are able to have a selected audience test the game, we should also be given some more information about the state of development! It's going to be yet another month of silence...

@cav00man No, I am afraid that we shouldn't...
There already have been occasions, at which Devs received very cold shower from "community" based on "still under development" materials.
With selected group of people is much easier discussion, also it is much more difficult to blame somebody for something, when you have to face him personally 🙂

@Stazco I am not so sure about those increasing sales... No matter how much I like this game, looking at number of active players on Steam I have to admit, that this is not a groundbreaking title.
Yes, there could be somebody, constantly checking up workshop for new mods, trucks or maps and writing about them and/or making some "challenges" or events, but why? I can do that for myself on my own...
Even one dedicated person can be significant expense (employees are surprisingly costly) and its impact is rather disputable.
And don't forget, that those dedicated people are most likely working on MR2 right now as we speak...

@Sodoma agreed with u, when there is less than 1000 people playing ur game its kinda hard to dedicate whole events for it, i hope MR2 to have that special spark that attracts bigger masses and will have daily players of 6-7k at least, so then we could get group of ppl who would manage and look after community, come in contact more and discuss some necessary topic and maybe even provide more frequent updates

events to put players against each other in some sort of challenge based maps like little Exhibition or Tournament

maybe dlc based on the community ideas, we could all throw our ideas out there and then rate each others work or devs could choose it and whoever's idea won would be executed by devs and realized into full paid DLC, for example i think after mr2 is released and dlc period hits we could do that for community if it has huge playerbase, my idea would be about moon delivery, think it would be so cool and unique, with futuristic trucks on the moon with its own gravity and physics, where player has to deliver cargo or fuel tanks for rockets from 1 base to another, getting stuck in the crater or duststorm (which doesnt happen on moon so maybe we could consider mars? sorry im stretching too far :D)

or maps based on chernobyl, pripyat.. u had to deliver scrap from A to B but there is radiation zone which requires u to drive very carefully and also fast cause ur gas mask has limitations..

I know i completely went off the rails and shifted conversation to whole different thing but idk, i think implementing obscure things like these, would be really beneficial and attract larger masses

see? im going crazy from all this silence 😅

Come on, Release the teaser


@zamal I was looking for that Extra Credits video about developing games and I wasn't succesfull. However, there was the point, that devs are most likely not interested in your ideas, simply because they already have their own, usually more then they are able to squeeze into final product.
If that is true, devs "listening to the community" are poor devs running out of inspiration 😃

Just joking, it is most likely a bit more complex than this...

@Sodoma oh brother wish they were at point of trying to cut out extra content.

also i said after the product is done and DLC period comes, so game doesnt die like it has with MR and SP, this is simply to improve engagement with community, same with events.

of course its sounds absurd since they coudnt even incorporate their own promised features in MR in the first place...