We’ve put together a patch with a series of bug fixes, mainly addressing issues with the campaign and some faction specific abilities and upgrades. It's available right now, so check it out! As always, thank you very much for the great feedback.


Patch Notes

General Campaign

  • Several localization fixes
  • The hp percentage of a ship after a battle in campaign is no longer rounded down (to avoid an issue when finishing a battle at very low health)
  • Fixed a white box being displayed when using the transfer fleet UI on a fleet without a flagship
  • The retreat command is now properly available even if the combustion gauge is still refilling
  • Fixed a crash for the guest player in the campaign if using the auto-battle feature during an invasion
  • The AM Rad-Tempest device skill now displays properly
  • The guest now properly sees the amount of Gifts of Chaos remaining after the host recruits a Marked Admiral


  • Fixed Adrenal glands displaying the wrong area of effect
  • Fixed a crash when capturing a system with the Imperium AI superpower with the Infested space hulk * Vanguard force
  • Fixed a localization and missing portrait during the secondary objective breakthrough against the Sons of Malice
  • Fixed some POI which where displaying the Devoured UI while it could not progress


  • Fixed Raptors Cult Secrets POI
  • Ynnari Sacred Ground: now works as intended with the Gift of Chaos mechanic
  • The weapon critical chance gain on leveling a fleet is now working as intended
  • It is now possible to scuttle a ship if it becomes a drifting hulk after being in a mutiny state
  • Fix some localization issue in the customisation menu
  • A King's Head mission: Fixed a blocking issue where the cutscene would trigger two times in a row
  • Blind Rage mission: Fixed a blocking issue if you put the Phalanx in drifting hulk before Threxos’ arrival
  • Kill the Undying mission: If Maltrius dies during this mission, a game over is now properly applied
  • Imperial Refugees mission: The transporter ships in Imperial Refugees are now immune to morale changes to avoid an issue when in mutiny
  • Imperial Refugees mission: The transport ships can no longer spawn in each other
  • Legend of the Past mission: When Abaddon retreats, he is no longer blocked by his escort ships.
  • Legend of the Past mission: The objective to put the Maccrage Honor in a Drifting Hulk state now appears when the Maccrage shows up in the battle
  • Fixed the dialogue played when Drang’s ship was made into a drifting hulk
  • The Shards of Nyadra'zatha upgrade now has the proper icon and description


  • Setting a new ship to the flagship position no longer causes an issue with gaining xp on the fleet
  • The Dark Throne mission: Droptime timers are now properly displayed during this battle
  • The Preparation for the End of Times objective can now be properly finished when using a fleet transfer


  • The Residual Absorption upgrade now properly cancels asteroid field damage
  • The Navigational Shields upgrade and its faction variants now properly cancels the damage caused by spore fields
  • The Residual Absorption upgrade now works as intended
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