There is insufficient space to create the required save data files

Just got the game with my EA Origin Access Premiere, but unfortunately game starts and after clicking a button shows that there is insufficient space for save data files. Install drive has 49 GB of free place and windows drive has 10Gb of free place. So I would like to understand why I cannot play the game. Thank You. PlagueTaleError.jpg
adding system file for details.


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The same problem for me!

The same problem, i try to fix, install the game again, and... nope, no solution

I have same truble too. I spent two hours solving the problem, but there is no answer anywhere. Help please!

Apparently technicall support doesn´t give fu*k about this...

Hello everyone!

Can you please upload your DxDiag file here?
Which disk did you install the origin in, please? Have you seen a file named "A Plague Tale: Innocence" in \Documents\My Games?

@chaton DxDiag.txt

Disk C, file A Plague Tale: Innocence exists

Origin is install on drive D
I have the folder "A Plague Tale: Innocence" in \Documents\My Games.
But the folder Documents is on my drive G because C and D are SSD drives.

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Thanks for the information! It's been passed on to the team! We'll keep you updated!

@FantasyCZSK @Sebd3378 Which Firewall do you use, please?
Can you try to allow A Plague Tale: Innocence in your Firewall or disable your Firewall to see if that helps? Thanks in advance.

@chaton The game is allowed in the windows firewall, I have just this firewall. I've tested the with and without the firewall, I still have the problem.

@chaton I tried running the game on PC and on laptop. Everywhere the same problem: not enough space to save.
I use Windows 10 (version 1903), Firewall - windows firewall.

Can you please DM me your Windows user name? We'd like to check if the issue is not related to a special character in the user name that could prevent the game from accessing the save folder.

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well, I am from Czech Republic, so I have Š and Á in my windows user name, so maybe

I have the same as you guys. My username contains russian letters. I'm sorry but it's a failure so that the game does not support special characters when you save the game...😤 😤 😤

We're sorry that you're experiencing this issue. The team is working on a fix, and we'll release it as soon as possible.

Thank you very much, I appreciate it. If this is helpful, I also have a problem on the Origin platform 🙂