I feel stupid for even asking... But mod support?

I know it will probably not happen and this will probably also not even be read.
But it feels soo wrong to just throw a game with great potential away. Sure I understand that there is not a big incentive to work on a game that did not well at/after launch.
I like the game, its atmosphere, the gameplay, graphics and level design but there it basically ends. There are still many bugs. The gameplay becomes repetitive fast due to lack of different enemies, behaviour, customisation, balancing, etc.
With the enhanced edition the game became at least a bit enjoyable playable, but well, nothing else.
Now that SpaceHulk Deathwing looks like it's abandoned, there's really no hope that it'll become what it should have been.
But before just throwing it away, there could at least be modding support added to the game.

I know it most likely wount get mod support. But I can at least ask for it.


This game was abandoned almost a year ago...