Out of Map Exploit in Ministry

There's a hole in the wall located on the 2nd floor, northwest side of the Ministry building which you can jump through and potentially go off the playable zone. Certainly fall to your death and see things no player was meant to see. Found it while playing in coop Checkpoint, no idea if it's there on Push or some of the other PvE/PvP modes.

In the image below, it's at the location of the two player blips furthest to the top left at grid D-2.


Video demonstration:

Youtube Video

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eh you cant go fall down without godmode so its not expoit but its pretty big down there i was all down

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On the CTE you could get off the map from the Insurgent spawn, walk around to the area that was more or less below you, and crawl under the parking garage floor. You could actually cap from below the map, lol. It's fixed now, of course, but that was kind of funny.

This "new" hole was there on the original Ministry map, so I'm glad to see this throwback to Source. You can't really exploit it by getting out of the map, but it looks like a great spot for Security to watch the approach to that hallway from Insurgent spawn...


Perhaps I wasn't specific enough in my post. It looks fine inside the hall, but if you enter the hole, you can see deformed geometry, into the parking garage, through solid walls as well as floating buildings from within that location. That's not right. Just look at the video around 0:30 mark, you can see stuff clearly never meant to be seen.

This is fine! 👍

alt text

This is not fine. 👎

alt text

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Hey @Olanov,

Thanks for the video and screenshots! I'll pass this issue on to the team!