Budget friendly, strong team

Good day all,

I need your help, please: in your opinion, which team (one box set) is budget friendly, but still well-rounded and competitive? (assuming one will play with another person who only bought one box set)
Additionally, if one can afford two box sets: which team would then be budget friendly and competitive? (assuming that the competitor also bought two box sets)

Also: I see many prices online, where would you advise I buy the most affordable box sets - at game store, or an online South African store?

Many thanks,

You're posting to a mostly dead forum about a computer game.

Hop over to reddit.com/r/bloodbowl and post there, you'll get a lot of responses.

Not playing TT I'm not sure, but the Undead team and Dwarf team boxes are pretty complete I believe.

Thank you so much for the info - will do!