Can we scale back the AI ability to wall hack?

As title says. Ive noticed the last month that the AI in co-op is hardcore good at wall hacking you. I can get over the insane grenade sniping and the randomness of some AI being so shit they couldnt hit a thing or being so good they can 360 no scope you while vaulting while also being 6 billion miles away while also never seeing you until that exact second they got a glimpse of the 1 mm tip of your flash hider sticking out like john wick and mega robot jesus had a baby, but the ability to shoot you through walls is just to much i say!!!

Literally played a game yesterday where the AI technical is against the ground floor wall of a building, and shoots through that wall, through the first floor floor and head slotted a teammate with the mounted gun. May i point out that we were both hiding on purpose, no shots had been fired and no other enemies had seen us as we were out of sight before they spawned for the counter attack. no one had any limbs sticking out of windows or walls either.

Dont get me wrong i like that the AI will shoot at you even when you go back in cover but if i move away from that spot while 100% concealed from view, they shouldnt then still know exactly where to shoot me after stopping to reload and waiting 5-10 seconds, or heaven forbid a completely different AI bot then starts up at me.


@FEARtheMoose This game isn't worth our precious time in this form. We asked, but they didn't listen. So be it.

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@FEARtheMoose I think this video basically sums up how the AI plays this game.

Youtube Video

can we fix literally the entire broken ai?

@Grave At this point I just want anything about the AI to be fixed lmao.