Report a player


I would like to report a player. He stay away from keeboard all the second half. I think this kind of players has to be banned from officials tournaments.

The game was ( ID tournament 1000638FF9)
Team: Rev's Runty Drunks


From the Forum rules:

*"Reporting of Suspected Cheating

Suspected cheats are NOT to be named publicly on the boards by forum members. Any post which names suspected cheats will be edited or deleted without notice. Individual leagues may have their own reporting procedure for such actions."*

If need be, PM one of the Cyanide/Focus reps.

Also note that they don't seem to care about this game anymore, given the lack of responses to posts here and in the Tech forum.

Why are you mentioning this? He is not talking about cheating.

I agree on that just forfeting a match by leaving the keyboard should be banned. If something should be done its to auto-concede when someone has let the clock tick down two turns in a row without doing anything.