RPG & Grenade Launcher Bugs

Hi there,

I play demolitions class a lot cuz it's the most fun by a mile. However, there's a couple bugs with RPG and the Grenade Launcher that make the class frustrating to play as they occur rather frequently.

  1. If I fire the RPG at the same time I die, my rocket vanishes, resulting in no kill. Super frustrating, happens a lot.
  2. If I fire the Grenade Launcher close range, and the grenade connects but DOESN'T detonate (due to range), I am still killed in the process as if the grenade went off anyway. This is clearly unintended. Again, happens quite frequently.

These issues should be very easy to reproduce and have likely been reported already. Please take a look.


Thanks for your report, we are aware of the RPG thing.

However UGL grenade may bounce back right into your face if you are not careful enough potentially dealing lethal damage.

Hi @Arc ,

I appreciate the reply. However, the Grenade Launcher bug is definitely an issue. The grenade does not bounce back and hit me; it is way too frequent of a problem for this to be the case, and usually I see the unexploded grenade bounce a different direction. Let me try to paint the scenario more clearly.

I walk into a room with the Grenade Launcher ready. Enemy is unexpectedly close to me, I panic and shoot a grenade at a nearby wall. It does NOT explode OR richochet back at me, BUT it still kills me and the enemy. Sometimes it just kills me only. Try it for yourself and see. I will try to get footage of the bug tonight.

Hello, I can confirm this. I know the grenade bouncing back is a possibility, but that is rarely the case, most of the time it really is a bug. This has happened to me at angles where the grenade simply could not have bounced back. It really is as if the grenade silently and invisibly detonates, but only doing damage to you and no one else.

EDIT: In my case I only ever saw it do damage to me, not enemies, which I know sounds even weirder, but it's true.

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I can confirm at short range, if you dont hit a player (if your grenade hit a wall)... you die.

I add that sometimes, the vertical angle is kind of random. Usually, the grenade path is too high... if you shoot from a window, you may die.

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Hi @Arc , it appears other users have now reported the same issue. Perhaps have one of your testers investigate? It happens at close range where the grenade launcher doesn't explode.

Hi @Arc ,
Here, I have a replay ID: 128705b6-991d-44cf-87b6-c9e0b0f15ad5

  • My name in-game is also HOTtheChunKk.
  • I am AFK a bit at the start. On the Insurgents team first half.
  • On my 2nd life, watch after I attempt to RPG a guy near A on Summit. Right after that, the glitch happens. I attempt to grenade launcher around the corner of the wall, the grenade DOESN'T EXPLODE, and still kills me from SUPER FAR AWAY. It's SO OBVIOUS in this clip. Check it out for yourself. There is no richochet, no other bs, just the glitch. Clear as day. Game says I killed myself w/ [40mm Explosive], even though it DOESN'T EXPLODE.

EDIT: Here's a YouTube playlist I made containing three videos showing this example. Pretty egregious: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6ezOn56uHHn8_ZLMKGW_R2oWqIcsGOzl

  1. First video: First person, normal speed
  2. Second video: First person, 0.2x speed
  3. Third video: Third person, 0.5x speed

Notice how the grenade does NOT hit the wall, does NOT explode, and does NOT ricochet back at me. It looks like it kills me BEFORE it even hits anything. Clearly bugged. I will constantly repost this until your team acknowledges it. Thank you for your time! 😄

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its because the servers are under extreme stress due to there actually being a playerbase as of now, soo your grenade launcher shoots yourself because of the server desync