Option to refund / sell unwanted items.

I love this game to pieces and so far have enjoyed every second of it. However, when it comes to the credit system I have one gripe. And unlike everyone else its not that you gain them too slowly (100 per level). It's the fact you are unable to refund anything. This means if you buy something accidentally you are left almost trapped. My younger sibling played the game and he bought some items I do not want, and I have now found myself buying more to make my character look normal. However if i could, i would refund everything and buy the things i actually want. Furthermore, along with the 100 credits per level you also get a item. So far, I have not received a single item i actually want. So maybe i could have the ability to trade these items for credits, allowing me to purchase things I want. Obviously this is not a game breaking situation as you don't actually see you character anywhere else except the home screen. However, I would like to make my character look dapper as he storms around in the desert.

I woke up in the dessert ruins of what was now the remains of the insurgents stronghold in this stubborn village. The fight had been lasting 3 days already and while tasting the mix of concrete dust and sand in my mouth I was contemplating wether our supply would reach us before we ran out of water completely, or if I should save the last drop of water in case those religious fanatics had used a russian supplied rpg on our chopper.

The chopper should after all have arrived yesterday, but comm links where often broken because of the goddamn scramblers. These military officers of ours were hardly any better than the Washington bureaucrats, often stretching time discussing which option was best economically to further climb the career ladder. Meanwhile we were sitting ducks, only reason we hadnt been picked of by enemy snipers yet was probably mentioned mix of dust, sticking to our bodies like paint due to the sauna warm daily conditions making our bodies so sweaty it was no surprise water supplies kept shrinking.

Suddenly my loudmouth teammate started laughing, I didnt notice at first since he was doing it in silence, only his weird face telling it, a funny look, as it was evident his eyes were still looking scared after the horrors of last day.

I was confused what was so funny, as the dim morning light made it unclear what he was looking at- Then I realized looking down at my own pants.. They were not dusty anymore, in fact they had been switched out by shiny pink, tight jogging pants. No way! My younger sibling had messed with my account again. The enemies would see me the instant the morning sun peeked the mountain. Shiiiit!

Couldn't of painted a better picture if I tried. Thankfully my character isn't sporting anything too outrageous. However my dream of making him resemble a British soldier feels like an impossible task now that he is smothered in boring camos and pointless sleeve rolling.