I have played Gamesworkshop specialist games since the early 90s and love the detail and the immersion of ongoing campaigns against your group of friends that they bring.

Blood bowl remained faithful to the tabletop and allowed leagues to be played amount players and your teams progressed.

Both Gothic and Gothic 2 missed this, and although 2 allows a coop campaign, would have been even better if it was vs against your friends.

Necromunda looks like it’s going the same way. A multiplayer progressive campaign would be amazing but it looks like all we are getting is a skirmish mode. This is supposed to be based on a game designed for friends battling against each other for supremacy of an area of the hive. If it’s just against AI then I think i will give it a miss.

Please make my day and correct me if I’m wrong.

The only thing is though, that for every addition or feature for a game they need to take into account what percentage of people will even get a use out of it, and since every budget is not limitless, each thing that is added like multiplayer or extra features for the multiplayer portion means something else like ..........Extra factions to play as or against, more weapons, weapon customization, more skill trees, random encounters, diplomacy, ect. may get left out even though these are all things that will benefit every player regardless.

Multiplayer or multiplayer features however, is literally only useful for those that play multiplayer.
Which is why I'm not the biggest fan of large amounts of multiplayer features. If they'd like to implement a ton of multiplayer stuff in necromunda, I'd rather them just go full throttle with it and develop an entire necromunda multiplayer themed or literally multiplayer only game instead of trying to just tack it on due to budget constraints.

Although, I can definitely understand why you'd like more multiplayer features such as a multiplayer progressive campaign though as it would be neat. I'd just rather it get a full fledged game budget for it so they can go "all out" with it and keep this one as single player focused as possible. That way every can get what they want I'd figure.

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The ability to have multiplayer campaigns is what Necromunda was all about. If that feature isn't there, then it defeats the whole point: bragging rights, camaraderie, gang progression, and story lines. I'm typically a solo player...but that's exactly the opposite of the entire basis for this one. Leave it out and you'll leave me out.