Ministry, a very iconic map from the previous game, Insurgency2. This map is indeed a very special one, mostly because its indoors and the firefights are largely CQC. Same goes for the remake as well, It has tons of little details and a feeling no other sandstorm map was able to deliver, the layout is pretty much the same except for the newly added bathrooms and some other stuff.

So, Why am i writing this?

Well, The Map is gorgeous and outstanding, but sadly it has a ton of different issues which i will be listing down below.

  • Sounds

The general sound in sandstorm is undoubtedly one of the best sounds and it really does make the game feel like a AAA shooter. But unfortunately the sounds on ministry are way off. For Instance When a car blows up and you're on the second floor, it really does sound like the explosion was literally right next to you. Same goes for Footsteps, coughing and gun sounds. It's very frustrating when you die during a 1v4 situation because an enemy player walked past you and it sounded like the footsteps were literally on your right. Another big issue with sounds in this map is the molotov, an-m14 , vehicle burning sounds.

  • Smokes

Smokes are very useful, especially when you need to get an Objective. However if you throw smokes in this map it may or may not give players without a gas mask a disadvantage. For instance If i through a smoke on the 1st floor and walk on the 2nd floor i can see the smoke clipping through floor and causing me to cough, which will very much give my position away if i dont have a gas mask.

  • Metal Detectors

This isn't really too big of an issue with the map, it's just me being a bit picky, The Metal Detectors in the remake fail to work every single time in PvP, ( Haven't tired coop) But it does seem to trigger on local Play. Like i said this isn't an issue at this point, but rather a bug, anyways it's just something i wanted to point out.

  • Optimization

I know, I know optimization on this map is pretty obvious if you're running everything on ultra like me. Ministry is a significantly smaller map compared to the other maps in this game. The garage and some other areas in Ministry are horribly optimized, Although it has gotten a bit better than what it was like during the first time on the CTE. On the other maps (Except refinery) i get about 70-80 fps but sadly on ministry some areas just make my frame rate go down to the mid 30s.

Anyways, This was my little rant hopefully this doesn't trigger anyone.would be great if the devs could take a look at this and fix the issues. Either way the map has been amazing so far especially on Firefight.

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Good reports.

Just a few pointers: The sounds and smokes are more Sandstorm in-general, and not just Ministry. Something is very off with the sound occlusion and propagation that I've been noticing in a lot of my rounds lately. The smokes really need to be physics-based particles that are 3-dimensional instead of basic 2-dimensional ones, similar to Squad for example. I do realize this may be a thing that impacts performance quite a bit though, but I can't fathom how many times the smoke just jinx me because you think you are concealed but on the other side you are 'slightly' showing up and thus you get killed. Its performance in-gameplay is really inconsistent.

Thanks, and yeah there has been a few times where i could see through the smokes.

Thanks @Muhammad for the "rant" 😉 the feedbacks are appreciated! I will send it to our dev team right away.
I can't assure you when we will fix those issues but our dev team will take a look at your post.