A lot of problems (check, fix and add pls)

Greetings dear developers.

  1. Please add the legs of the characters when they look down.
  2. Please add more graffiti, logos, bottles, newspapers, dishes and more trivia on the map to make the landscape more useful.
  3. Modify the interface of the title screen and in the game itself, it looks very cheap.
  4. Correct the physics of the characters, there is a feeling that they are like a bag of dirt, there is no form and as if there is no skeleton at all. Also urgently remove the crooked legs to the characters, all the players are clumsy. Accelerate climbing over obstacles, in real life there is no such thing, it is too slow. –°orrect the bushes, why not climb into the bush? is it realism? You can not completely, you need to give the character a little step in the bushes. Make a smoother and more realistic animation of the movement of characters. You also need to work on a large number of invisible textures in which the character and the car get stuck.

P.S. I am a professional player and trainer at csgo and I know what I advise, this will all really give the game replayability. I am willing to cooperate and help for free, I just want to help. Your game is super, but some of the points described above must be done. Thanks.

Hello @inrage,

Thanks for this list of suggestions! It'll be passed on to the team!

Thanks @chaton ! I hope you make a decision and start working on the list that I left. if you write to me personally, I am ready to help!

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