Random thought about mr2

I wonder. Will we have the ability to keep making money or will it end up like rage, where once the missions are done. Your kinda left without a way to make any more money and there fore unable to get everything. Another thought, will I be a one time but for parts/upgrades then we can switch them out as we please or will we have to pay for them every time we wanna change out parts?

Only guessing here, but a successful economy system would be more towards the infinite gameplay, like ATS/ETS2 do. It all depends on how the devs implement it, but I just hope you can, after the main missions or story (if there is any) infinitely take randomly generated jobs to keep the replaying value.

About the upgrade/parts buying, I think someone else talked about it before, suggesting the devs to implement some kind of inventory system where you can go to your garage and see which parts you have to install them or maybe bring them with you to where it's needed. I.E: You have a deflated tire of your K-700 in the middle of nowhere. Then you could do the following:

1-Go to the nearest town local store using the UAZ469 and buy a spare tire, transport it to the K700 location on your UAZ469 roof and repair it there.
2-Go to your garage, pick up the tire you previously bought and transported there using the method above and take it to the K700 and repair it there.

Again, these are just speculations, we do not know for sure yet.

@Sodoma Please, go easy on me haha, I know I'm just speculating and all that "keep your hopes low" thing. 😛

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I do hope my idea of off road tow trucks becomes a thing. Like you found a c-255 in the woods, go get the off-road tow truck and haul it back to the shop. Yes I know technically we can do this already, just thought it would add a bit more to the rp value cus irl sometimes, the front axle is what breaks and towing it with a cable could work then again the steering may be totally shot so that becomes a dead drag and risks breaking more of the truck.