Future of BFGA2

It was already asked before but no answer came so lets starts anew :
Can we have some info about future patches and roadmap or like BFGA the game will be abandonned after 6 months of life?

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It would be nice to get a new roadmap or news that the game will continue to get support. Looking at numbers we are sitting at an average of 600 players which we will lose some over the months. But a 50 % gain it does show that there is still interest. I think steady multi player support , bug squashing and UI improvement will go a long way. But some interesting things could be done with the the single player and multi community.

Things I'd like to see

Observer mode

Perks and abilities getting tweaked to spice up each respective faction to further differentiate them as well as open up new possibilities in the meta.

Make it possible to play on a grand campaign map but with an option to have opponents jump in and control your enemies force that u are fighting against. You could toggle and disable the feature for random encounters. And the opponent you met could join in and play with you coop.

I think it be neat and could be something casual and fun since you will be playing with a random fleet.

Wins could grant portraits or rewards for the invader and I think it could give players a new angle on some ships they never use.

That's all really.