This should not be rocket science!!!!!! COOP players and PVP players want DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT GAME MECHANICS, FEATURES, ETC!! How can you be so oblivious to this???

There is a reason that there are ABSOLUTELY no leagues for AI based gamemodes in the eSports industry! Player vs. Player is authentic strategic gameplay with real tactics and gameplans.
How does this affect Sandstorm? Well when you have 2 completely opposite types of players with completely opposite play styles pushing for completely opposite game changes, and with that, it is a given that there will be conflict!

Let me give some example. CoD zombies and Cod PvP. Why don't you don't see Nukes, Insta Kill, double points, Ammo Resupplies being dropped in PvP. Why? Well it is a no brainer. It doesn't belong there.
Thankfully we haven't encountered anything that drastic in Sandstorm, yet, but that is sort of the thesis to my arguement. What COOP needs, doesn't belong in pvp, and what PVP needs doesn't belong in coop.

No matter HOW HARD NWI TRYS, there will ALWAYS be metas in pvp. It is a given. But with that, there are always counter metas. And if a noob isn't smart enough to realize or use them, then that is on him.

NWI, PLEASE!!!! Stop making changes only based on one side of the argument! If you want the game to grow, you need to learn what is best for the game; and surprise surprise, it isn't always the suggestions of the noobs crying.

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Separate mechanics in pvp and pve. Of course, all pvp players agree. NWI tries to do that, why dont you make a list that specifies what you see as improvements for separating features in Sandstorm specifically.

Separate forum? Just make separate threads and specify if pvp or pve. I believe you can do it;)

@Pacalis People have made very in depth lists of bugs and issues in the game. I personally have. And I have also made it clear that I am speaking for pvp. That isn't the point. The point is that most aren't being clear or specific on what they are talking about.
As for separate updates? Well I can do is make a post.


I guess the price paid for having a forum that lets players write whatever they want is some unclear messages. I find it somewhat okey to separate the two gamemodes in the forum but I get what you mean. The thread sometimes gets hijacked by someone who only plays pve and argues from a non relevant perspective.

That being said pve posts/threads are important too.

I do have faith NWI accounts for that when reading, after all they work on this full-time from what I understand.

Maybe we can just look inwards and work towards making posts and threads with content clearly categorized=)

@Pacalis 100%. I also respect you for not yelling at me, but instead being very considerate and proactive.