Cycling through your loadout using any keybinds and/or scrolling bug.

Ever watch them CSGO pros cycling effortlessly through their loadout with the number keys? Try doing that in sandstorm, or even try it slowly. It will bug out and get stuck.

For example: Say you want to switch to your nade, but have to quickly switch back to primary.

The action of you getting out your nade won't cancel when pressing (insert keybind) to switch back to primary.

This will result in you holding the nade but your hud showing you've selected your primary. You will have to press (insert keybind) to switch to your nade and switch back.

This happens with all loadouts and with all keybinds. The problem in my eyes, is some and/or most actions don't cancel each other out.

This is a game breaking bug. And is something that needs to be fixed.

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Indeed, this is very frustrating especially when you are trying to scoop up some equipment on the move and quickly get your primary back out, only for the above to happen! I started using the scroll wheel as a workaround, I find it a little more reliable but it's not ideal and can also get stuck sometimes.

Hey both,

Thanks for pointing this out. I'll pass it on to the team!