Version 1.3.1 - 1st Gen CPU crash resolution and feedback.

We are still noticing reports of some users, mostly on first generation AMD CPU’s having issues running Insurgency: Sandstorm. To resolve this we ask that players ensure they are running on the latest game version (, have updated their GPU drivers, tried restarting their PC’s and have re-verified their game cache on Steam by following the steps below.

  • Right click Insurgency: Sandstorm in your Steam library
  • Select “Properties”
  • Navigate to the “Local Files” tab
  • Select “Verify Integrity Of Game Files”
  • Reboot your PC once verification has been completed.

We have also been informed by Steam user: Theophilus that the following AMD drivers have resolved the crashing issue for a few users on AMD systems.

  • Download and install the AMD 19.5.2 drivers or roll back to them if you are on a higher version.
  • Then verify the game cache by following the steps above.

This should resolve the issue in the majority of cases, even for non AMD users, however, if you are still experiencing crashes after following the steps above, we have put out a special CrashTesting branch which contains a potential stable version as well as additional crash logging for our team.

To access this build:

  • Right click Insurgency: Sandstorm in your Steam library
  • Select “Properties”
  • Navigate to the “Betas” tab
  • Select “crashtesting” under the beta opt-into dropdown. (If you do not see that branch restart your steam client).
  • Select close on the bottom right of the window.
  • Restart steam to allow it to update your game to that branch.

If this branch works for you, please let us know in this thread. If it does not, please also post a reply in that thread letting us know your system specs and when the crash is occurring for you.

  • Please list your full pc specs or provide a DxDiag.
  • Please list your video settings and driver version.
  • Please let us know when this crash occurs (e.g upon loading the game, during the main menu, in local play, in online play etc..)
  • Please let us know if anything unusual happens before the crash, or if the crash only occurs on certain levels / modes / etc..
  • When submitting a UE4 crash report please include a description and your SteamID and your CPU type.

Try community servers and c if it continues

@chaton I don´t know if you have noticed or if someone at NWI cares, but the game gets more broken with every update and worse with every patch.
It won´t be long and you will have to delete the shit and start again from scratch.
Start with firing all managers involved; I think no job has been done worse to date ...

Man, what diarrhea just came out of your mouth?

I'm having issues staying connected and playing the game - The system keeps crashing, i'm in the game but not, players around me are runningand not moving or get stuck by an object, bots are there but cant be shot and you can run through them. the system freezes and then kicks you out saying Server error lost connection. Its not an internet issue.
system -
windows 7
AMD FX 9370 Eight core 4.40 ghz
16GB Ram
AMD Radeon R7 200 Series

Hey @mo1ponty,

Do you happen to have a video regarding the issue you are experiencing, please?


almost year further and still when people vote random the server crashes black screen
🙂 im giving up on this game.

I've been running this driver version (19.5.2) at least since a couple of weeks before the game update. So whatever introduced the crashes it also happens with this version, though with a much lower frequency i guess. Currently i'm not experiencing crashes, so those three crashes i had 2 weeks ago was all i got so far.