Why so silent? Here is a possible answer

Many of us wanted to know about the plans for MR2 since it was announced, however, time has gone by and we only have a bunch of journalist articles then confirmed by community manager along with a few screenshots. We all asked why so silent about the game?. Well, I think I have a possible reason for that.

Today I was reading this: http://www.oovee.co.uk/forum/topic/13763-any-news-about-future-updates/?do=findComment&comment=105924 where Zane tells @Unster that they can't share a roadmap for ST because there are " prying eyes from the opposition" upon them and it all made sense.

Both teams want to bring novelties to the table so, for sure they are very carefully playing cards so the opposite team doesn't know what they're up to. This could be to prevent "Idea stealing" or simply to avoid criticism which could cause their image to fall apart.

What do you guys think about that?

@deathcoreboy1 thats possible, when i first heard about original spintires reviving those were the ideas started coming up in my mind, taht they would push mudrunner and compete to prove to players that their was better than another, since publicizing ur ideas/mechanics that game is going to contain could be under the threat of being stolen and executed better(vice versa), then yes i completely understand their non commitment towards revealing crucial gameplay elements for everyone to digest

but lets be fucking honest brother 4 or 5 in-game screenshots of trucks and maps is not going to hurt anything

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They could just be quiet, some devs are. Or it could be the back and forth with Oovee; that situation remains as annoying as always. Same result for the community either way.

I don't understand what the deal is with ST someone explain pls

Some competition since license agreements wasnt fully clear and fixed.

And ST plan to add Zil 133, 3 axles nonmilitary zil, failed in rl.
I like it more, better 1 new soviet truck than 2 western...sorry, but i want to play mr because of this unique gloomy soviet atmosphere, so i prefer to replay soviet maps instead of finishing usa ones...

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Yea I get you I would rather have the Soviet trucks with more attachments and trailers than these rwd American turds. And that's coming from an American. They belong in MR2 where there will be more road work. I love the Soviet trucks but they need to increase the steering speed because they are uncontrollable at times at high speed.

@Jayson Actually, this is how it's meant to be. Imagine you're in an old soviet truck with a heavy steering wheel. There is no way in hell you can instantly turn the 900 or so rotation degrees. Games like GTA (especially GTA IV) have this kind of instantly steer which IMO is horrendous (no offense for those who like it.) I began to understand this when I bought a USB Steering wheel. So, next time you're driving at full speed remember the steering wheel takes time to turn and slow down. It'll make your gameplay more immersive.

@Stazco What do you mean by "Failed in rl"? do you mind giving us a little backstory of this truck?

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@deathcoreboy1 I do have a wheel but there is no FFB on console and manual transmissions are garbage so I just play on controller.

@deathcoreboy1 What I was able to find, Zil 133 is basicaly Zil 130 (B-130) with extra rear axle. It is 6x4 configuration and it "failed" mainly because competition from Kamaz (that was supplying engines for Zil 133) because (surprise surprise) more efective diesel engines.

And to the topic, I have no idea what is happening between Oovee and Focus (if something is), but it is perfectly possible, that Focus have nothing to show right now yet. Release date is in that "perfectly" far future, when showing concept art is not satisfying already and ingame screenshots are not in their full swing yet. And nobody wants to present himself by half-baked work.
I personally don't think, that it is because of "fear of copying" from "other side", simply because so far that side proved that they are able to built-in mods and thats it, and because if somebody is able to copy your idea and ship it even sooner than you, that idea wasn't so great anyway.

On the other hand, what've been said above doesn't mean that I don't want to see what they are working on, those few (blurry) pics from THE event is definitely not enough!

i thought zil 133 failed cause of its appearance, zil 130 looks cool with its blue base color and plumply sculpted body but holy shit 133 is ugly, horrendous grill and overall unpleasant long and twiggy look

i would rather drive a fucking bond bug 🤣

@Sodoma said in Why so silent? Here is a possible answer:

I personally don't think, that it is because of "fear of copying" from "other side", simply because so far that side proved that they are able to built-in mods and thats it,

That was the impression Oovee may have given in the beginning of the beta, but ST has become a lot more than the old game with some mods "built in". Both graphics and audio have improved dramatically, over both the old ST and current MR.

Anyway, prying eyes could certainly be one reason Focus is quiet, but it's probably not the only reason. I think it's their style, and they probably also feel spending time on sharing development updates with the community is a waste of time (and money).

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@Unster I don't want to argue that. To be honest, I haven't tried it, so my information are a bit vague, on the other hand, textures and sounds are regularly changed by mods, different suspensions settings or winch length... I think that you see the point. Adding blockposts into the game I can count as improvement, but they rather removed that unachievable achievement related to it. All in all, I am sceptical...

But why I am back here already. Check this out, just a thinking material... 🙂
Youtube Video

@Sodoma True, textures and sounds can be changed by mods but that's not what I had in mind. To give you a hint, ST now has a new stereo system.

That video is about early builds and I agree with all of that (I'm a game dev myself). But I think people here were asking for info (screenshots, videos, descriptions, etc.) not early builds that they could actually play, which obviously would be an unreasonable demand.

@Unster yes yes, I am news hungry as well... 😞
Hopefully we will get something soon, but who knows?

@Unster ur game dev? what game are u working on? if its not secret of course.

@zamal I'm a different kind of game dev. I write the code for video slot games. Have been doing that for a long time, but I used to be a PC game dev as well, unfortunately nothing that ever got published but we did have functional demos (company didn't know what it wanted and lost track).

@Unster said in Why so silent? Here is a possible answer:

I write the code for video slot games.

Could you explain this to a non english speaker please? 🙂

@deathcoreboy1 It just means I'm a software engineer for video games that go on slot machines, you know those in casinos. Make sense?

@Sodoma As the video you linked to points out, and I noticed this long ago about many games, game videos are often like movie trailers rather than actual game footage. I hate that. Show me the real stuff I say. I often have to go to YouTube to check it out. So I certainly wouldn't want Focus or Saber to put together a pre-release trailer for MR2. I'd say don't waste your time. But screenshots and actual game footage would be nice, unless the graphics are not of final quality.

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