Break Tackle not acivating on dodging with Ogre (Ogre Team)

In this game versus lizardmen i tried break tackling out but it never activated the Break Tackle skill when i failed the agility 2 roll and did not show the skill activate in the dice log either, I even tested it on the last turn of the game but it still didn't activate.

The image linked shows when it happened the first time.

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Well, in the pic example you posted you rolled a 1, so Break Tackle wouldn't have worked anyway.

Iirc it only uses Break Tackle if it would be needed, so on a 1 (an auto-fail) it won't activate, and it won't activate if the dodge is successful.

@Darkson Then I really suggest they fix the text for break tackle since to me it means it "activates" after a failed roll (so the roll gets rerolled with strength instead).

But apparently not. The text seems really vague in that case.

Break Tackle isn't a reroll, it just uses the player's ST instead of it's AG when making the roll, and is decided on after the roll is made.

Yes I know that now but my point is that it should really clarify when it's used. How would i know that it is NOT activated if i rolled a one (since the text says that it uses the str instead of agi when agi fails). The current use makes it seem like break tackle wasn't even considered.

Here is a better suggestion: Make a popup (like the dodge skill one when it's used) that says Break Tackle failed.

But Break Tackle didn't fail, as it's only used when it would pass when normal AG failed.