Hard Crashes on Xbox One X

Re: The Surge hard crashes on Xbox One X

I love this game. I really enjoyed Lords of the Fallen but unfortunately the hard crashes (shut off Xbox) on the Xbox One X are making it impossible for me to play.

I had to sell my PC so this is the only option I have to enjoy the game.

The latest crash can be replicated in the DLC. If you exit the scenario and go straight to the gear machine, it will hard crash the Xbox One X every single time.

Does anyone has a fix or knows if the devs are even still working on the bugs of the game?

Thx for the help!

It’s nice to see that the developer cares enough to simply acknowledge any of the posts or even comment on any of these issues that basically have been ignored since 2017.

I guess it also answers the question of wether or not I should've bought “Surge Effect Andromeda” or if any of us should get the upcoming “SurgeOut 76”

Spoiler: NO “F-ing” WAY!

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