MudRunner Patch 07/08/2019

So are we getting a follow up patch (at least to resolve the recently introduced cistern addon issue) or do we need to wait for several months before we get another patch which fixes 4 small things and breaks 1 more?

@XenoRad My thoughts too. My guess is that MR2 will be close to release by the time this next MR1 patch comes, if it ever comes. And I don't see Saber fixing the other issues that we've both mentioned. MR1 is unfortunately a low priority for them. Fortunately the updated ST more than makes up for that. But the trolls need to leave it alone (it's been unavailable in the Steam store for the past week).

Hey @Eversman @zamal @XenoRad and everyone else, the bug with the unruly cistern has just been fixed in a small patch. šŸ™‚

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@Jellyfoosh Thanks, in this case I was actually hoping to be proven wrong and you guys delivered, at least on this particular issue. But what about the other issues XenoRad and I mentioned? On that I'm afraid I'm right. They're not getting fixed, are they?

@Jellyfoosh excellent, really wanted to do 1map with that cistern and mess around ā¤

@Jellyfoosh any news on when this might come to console?

@Jellyfoosh I don't know if it's due to the patch but I don't remember seeing this before, the strange ugly shadow on the American long log cart. Are other people getting it too?


@Unster hummm! Weird! Have you been playing around with the occlusion volume values for the cart? šŸ˜ƒ I'll have a look at my game and report back when I get home.

I just tested the issue again and it happens only with the "trailer cart" that's attached to the "cart". This is related to the duplicated attachment issue I mentioned previously. If you use "log cart hitch" and "long log cart" which look identical to the other two parts, the shadows are fine.

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@Unster - Good job with the replication. Chalk one more bug to fix.

@Jellyfoosh - Could you please use your contacts and find out for us whether the Devs are at least investigating putting out a new patch before MR2 launches?

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Ant its confirmed that consoles won't have this update...since its too complicated to approve it with ms and sony.

Which is not confidence inspiring for the future if the devs just "can't bother" to patch the console version.

I guess I'll forget pre-ordering SnowRunner and just wait for a deep discount if this is the level of support we can expect on the consoles.

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@Jellyfoosh - Could you please use your contacts and find out for us whether the Devs are at least investigating putting out a new patch before MR2 launches?

I would think so, yes. 2020 is too far i doubt they will just abandon the game. Probably minor patches to perfect game before moving on to sequel

@Morbid @Stazco

Too complicated or too expensive?

Iā€™d actually be interested in what the genuine reasoning would be. I suspect there is a platform approval or deployment cost per app store / regional marketplace that makes it very expensive to deploy patches, although you still see many other publishers doing so many updates it makes your head spin so Iā€™m not entirely sure. Can someone clarify the ACTUAL reason? (Not interested in generic negativity or wild guesses) šŸ˜‰

Well 2 months later and nothing.

I guess they will just ignore console players and hope we go away.