I wonder if in mudrunner 2 we'll be able to paint our vehicles? It would make sense to add that since there will be customization.

what u mean paint, as to change color of the truck or paintjobs like adding burning tire stickers and that kinda stuff on it?

Devs dont have capacity to add full customization like in forza.
Some paint jobs were announced in the last alfa stream.
For me it would be ok to have current body damage system, and to have a couple of options - old rusty look, wear look (like we have now), brand new look. It may be changed in campaign if the variant - buy old rusty cheap truck, repair it step by step, one of the steps (optional) - to repar and paint body.
And base colors - military, and civic (1or2 civic colors, EXISTED in rl).

Yes they said that I don't remember where but one of the features is that you could upgrade your truck, and change it's appearance

@zamal I mean like if you get tired of your truck being read, paint it blue

@kingnightshadow yeah, as guys stated above changing color of the truck will be option from what it looks like