My game keeps freezing mid-match

Title says it all. I'm playing Dark Elves in an online league and the past 5 games I've played have all caused my computer to freeze mid match against different teams, different locales, and at different times in the match; and I have to completely restart my computer. I've noticed that for whatever reason I've always got to pick whether I'm offense or defense, and that my dice rolls have been the literal worst each time. Logs and DxDiag available upon request and knowledge where to send them.

So update:

I tried again but this time I was against Kislev. Got the coin toss but instead this time chose to defend first instead of going offense; and the game went through to completion.

However, in the following game I played against wood elves it froze/crashed again to the same effect as before; but this time they got the coin toss and chose to go on Offense.