Idea for better weapon balance

At the moment there ars some underused weapons. You guys should look at general stats of weapons being played and maybe buff some of these underused weapons.

Here are some guns you almost never come across in the game, these need a buff in my opinion:

The Uzi, doesn't shoot as fast as other smgs so give it more damage. Also the hipfire is uncontrollable even when crouching with a foregrip and compensator, an AR with no attachments has better recoil than this lightweight watergun. This is the same with every SMG. Hipfire is not an option, and I don't like that.

The SKS, it would be a good weapon it chestshots would one hit kill. but this is not the case. instead you get an AKM that can't use full auto.

The M16A2 give it a better ironsight or at least give it ANY advantage over other guns because at the moment the M16A2 is probably the worst gun in the game.
It also screams for a 1x optic of any kind, I know it wouldn't fit the theme. but come on at least make the ironsight better for close range.

The AKS-74U isn't very underused but it doesn't have enough damage for the fact that is costs 1 supply point more than an AKM, all advantages of the AKS are that it has a tiny bit less recoil, tiny bit more fire rate and its smaller.

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Thing is, the weapons are based on how the weapons actually perform IRL. So some weapons will find themselves being somewhat worse than others, simply because they are.

Onto the weapons mentioned.

  1. The UZI is cheap, easy to handle and has a decent fire rate paired with excellent stability. If you're looking to hip fire the weapon with accuracy at range, that's a problem with how you play the game, not the gun. This isn't COD where you could expect SMGs to be artificially balanced by giving them hip fire accuracy.

  2. The SKS is a cheapo long range gun that's decent at putting accurate fire down range. None of it's characteristics justify it being a one hit kill sniper. It's an old semi auto rifle with good accuracy, with no actual grounds to justify a buff.

  3. The M16A2 comes with it's factory iron sights; beyond that it's rather clearly meant as a long range counterpart to the insurgent AKM, as demonstrated by its access to unique scopes that allow it to work as a pretty decent mid-long range weapon. Again, the gun is very much true to form, if you're looking for close quarters weapon, use the AKM.

  4. The AKS-74U again is an excellent weapon with great stability and fire rate, at a pretty high caliber. It's a pretty great gun that works as a sort of generalist CQB gun for the Insurgents. Again, not in need of adjustment.

I think that the guns overall are fine and really not in need of much adjustment, especially considering their realism. This isn't COD, where the performance and damage of the guns may be artificially changed to suit the needs of arcade gameplay; you can't go in expecting to tag people at range with SMGs while hip firing; you'll have to aim down sights for mid-long range engagements. You also can't expect that all guns would be equally viable or good for all situations, since that's not really what's possible with the guns in question

@cool_lad You should know that I am very experienced at this game. Im not a COD player trying to make SMGs op.

For you to say this as if it is normal to have weapons that are complete trash is stupid.

Why even have these weapons in there if they aren't beeing used? and its a game, and not one of the most realistic ones, I think every weapon should be enough decent to be played in competitive firefight. At the moment the mentioned weapons are a complete joke, I want you to try the UZI, M16A2 and SKS in multiplayer matches and tell me you were good with them.
And the fact that it is cheap isn't even that useful, you are better off with an AKM with some attachments than an SKS fully decked out.

A game should be fun and if you want to keep this game this realistic than go play squad or arma.

@cool_lad And by the way the hipfire is not even good for close range, try it yourself, go to the training level and deck out your UZI, the recoil isn't even that impressing and the hipfire is trash.

@cool_lad Also I love how you always try to say that im just a COD player for thinking the underused weapons should be more fun to play. Go fuck yourself.

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I usually use the SKS and M16A2 for close quarters, they feel pretty good, The factory sights just depend on preference.I personally don't think they look bad at all, infact, I find them quite satisfying to use, AKS-74U is good as it is, I use it all the time. The UZI could perhaps get a buff, and the 9MM pistols since they're pretty shit right now.

@Muhammad yes, I also like to use the M16A2, AKS and SKS, its just the fact that there are way better options that are cheaper and have full auto which is the current game meta.

@Muhammad well the uzi just sucks I guess....