Gunshot doesn't do anything

Replay ID at 22:00 6839da62-72a6-40fa-9094-7c411339e342
For me it looked like I was shooting about three quarters of a magazine into that suicide bomber with animation sound and everything, the others just saw me do nothing but staring at him (same as in the replay).


@Schmiddy a friendly advice: this game is beyond saving, try to find a sensible alternative. Your points will be ignored, or worse: the staff will just tell you lies to their heart's content in their list of updates. (Had around 750 hours before quitting and a lot of contributions to this forum to know well enough, that my claim is far from being bold). Some of the AI bugs from the beginning were still there, even after the last patch/hotfix of patch. Don't trust this crew, they got your money, but don't deserve your time, at least you don't waste it in vain if you get out early...

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Hello Schmiddy,

Sorry for the inconvenience, I will send your post to the dev team right away. Does it affect G3 every game or was it only this specific time?

Only this specific time as far as I've noticed. I mean normally you just think you missed or the body armour of the enemy swallowed it. In any case you are usually dead before you can say for sure what happened. Even though one of the guys in the game chat said it happened to him before, but didn't provide any details like which weapon he used. I mean it is strange that the pistol worked.

Should it happen ever again, please provide both replay and video footage from your perspective with Net Stats overlay enabled (Settings > Game > Debug Overlays > Net Stats Overlay) as just a replay itself is server-side in nature.
We have found out potential cause of certain hit-reg issues which we are testing internally at the moment.