Bug in chapter 4 running to the boat PS4

I can't join the boat at the end of the chapter 4 after inflame the mill because there are mountains of rats running much more faster than me. I tried hundreds times. I think there is a bug, someone can help me?

I'm also having the same glitch but on Xbox One, I try to get to the boat but Amicia and Lucas get outpaced by the rats and swarmed, it's really annoying and prevents progress.

I am having the same problem with my Xbox 1. I do everything right, but the rats always catch up before I reach the boat. I've tried 100s of times. When I watch the walkthrough this is never a problem. Can someone please help. Very frustrating.


Have you solved the problem. I've gotten no help from tech support

@fishrose43 - Sadly no luck, the glitch keeps happening. I would love to progress but it's looking like the game will never be patched. Really quite disappointed with the lack of support from the developers with the game and it's fast moving rat mass glitches in those scenes.

I made an account just to respond to this, am having exactly the same problem now. Have tweeted the issue at them hoping that might bring a solution to surface, no response yet. So frustrated that I can't find any way to make any story progress 😞 Playing with Game Pass on Xbox One S

I was having the same problem on my Xbox. Make sure you hold the right trigger the whole time. For me it was showing the sprint animation whether I was holding the trigger or not, however without holding RT the rays would catch me. Held trigger, made it to the boat 🙂