The Unintentional Intentional Features of Sandstorm - Bugs, Glitches, and Exploits

Because why report one bug when I can report several pages' worth?

This video covers a whole lot of bugs, including ones that can be abused to give players possible advantages. Hopefully, this helps New World fix them. I might include the entire bug list that I covered later.

Youtube Video

EDIT: Here's the list of bugs reported in this video:

Here are some more bugs that I didn't include in the video:

-> In Hardcore Checkpoint, switching to your primary weapon while sprinting causes your left hand to temporarily clip through any underbarrel attachment on your weapon, including foregrips, foregrip-bipods, and grenade launchers.

-> In Hardcore Checkpoint, sprinting and switching between your primary weapon and the underbarrel grenade launcher attached to it results in some weird animations.

-> In one of these clips, the audio for the PF940 cut out completely. I have no idea why.

-> Just recently, I had a Hardcore Checkpoint game where both the random resupply box and the final resupply box didn't work.

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Hello @MarksmanMax,

Thanks a lot for this video! We really appreciate it! I'll pass this on to NWI, so they can have a look at it.