FPS gone haywire

Can someone help me please, my FPS has and would stay above a hundred since I have had this game. I received a win update a few days ago and now during every match my FPS every few minutes drops for a spilt second down to numbers like 6, 18, 12, and spikes back up over 100 and over and over again.

I have removed the win updates, reinstalled INS, lowered all the setting and still NOTHING.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE - I installed INS on my Win7 version and it works great with the same old 110 to 130 FPS?????


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Hello @kboucher,

Are the drivers up to date on your another PC, please? Can you also upload your DxDiag here?

Hi Chaton,

Thanks for the response and here is my dxdiag. I thought I might have found the problem by turning off the Game Mode in win10 but it did not help. It plays great in win7 but has turned terrible in win10 since the update windows put on August 8th and please see the attached screenshot of the updates.

There must be some line item they added that caused this to start happening as until this win10 update I played this game smooth as silk with my lowest FPS going down to 80. I have tried to find it with a vengeance and can not so maybe you can help me.

Thanks so much

How do I upload the files?

How do I get my dxdiag to you????

Hey @kboucher,

You should be able to upload the file here. Or you upload it on google drive or dropbox.