I've started playing competitive a few months back, with a full team. I gotta say it really is a great experience, Very underrated. The ranking system is pretty good so far, But it definitely needs some improvements, For instance losing 1 match shouldn't instantly decrease your rank. Look at CS:GO for example. Losing more than a few matches causes you to derank. It doesn't seem right that i should lose my rank instantly everytime i lose a match. I do understand that it forces the player to be more cautious about the decisions they take in the match. This is the only thing that causes me to play comp very less often. XP gain is ok, i guess. Playing for like 30 minutes gives about 8k XP but it wouldn't hurt to add a bit more. I really love comp, I really do, Just wanna see it be better y'know. Anyways this was me rambling about Competitive would be delightful if someone from the team could have a look at this.

Hey @Muhammad,

Thanks for the feedback! It'll be shared with the team!