Official: Spacehulk Deathwing is Abandoned

Official: Spacehulk Deathwing is Abandoned.

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27 Jul 2018, 17:33
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20 Dec 2018, 18:11

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Sad... There were many opportunities to make this game better and they did nothing. Left to its fate...
Even sadder that there are no relevant (to the game development) people reading the forums. Only us fans.

They were idiots!

They should of doubled down on making the game more tactical!!

Just a better looking SPACE HULK : VOBA !

Would have been sweet.

They didn’t have the right vision nor the skill.

It didn’t have nearly enough depth - because the 1st person shooting mechanics and the game overall was not nearly good enough game to stand on its own. If they had of married a tactical depth of the other space and games with what they already had, again would’ve been fantastic

It’s a damn shame!