Technical Problems , Issues , Bugs

First of all we all need huge optimization and you need to fix stuttering problem.Even on the low settings my fps stutters it can be playable but we need it.Second one is there is a sound bug that you're hearing a mounted machine gun sound and that sound never ends and you can hear it from everywhere on the map.There is a hand bug i dont know if other players have seen this but this thing is really annoying the other players' hand is bugging as exactly as in this photo. 20190816170311_1.jpg
There is a black screen bug when you start the game it rarely happens but it happens sometimes and i have to restart the game in order to play.

Hello @TanselCan00,

Can you upload your DxDiag here, please?

Adding on what was said, remove the custom config/command line options you are using because that's exactly the cause of your character related issues.