How do you get a hold of support?

Is there a place to put a ticket in for support? I lost 50k credits with your bug and would like them back.

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Hello @MLB7,

Can you give us more details, please? What kind of issue that caused you to lose 50k credits? Please give us your Steam ID as well, so the team can have a look,

@chaton Steam ID is 76561198285629914. I noticed the credits missing last week I think. Raibi said it was a known bug on the last update. I hadn't been playing much and just didn't notice since I only save my credits. I know I was up around 130k last time I looked and then all of a sudden I only had 81k. So, I can't tell you exactly when or why it happened. I can only assume I was affected by the update bug.

@chaton is the team checking this out?

Hey @MLB7,

Can you upload a screenshot with the credits you had before (130k)?

@chaton Why would I have a screen shot of that? Am I supposed to take a screenshot after every game? That's absurd. I have over 1000 pvp hours in your game and have played from the beginning. I never spend my credits. All I know is I had around 130k credits and your update deleted around 50k credits. I've already made another 4k credits since I made this post.

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Are you sure you're using k properly? You had 130 000 and lost 50 000 but have already made back 4 000 000? What are you rank 10 000?

Yea. "k" stands for "kilo" and means thousand. That's why one kilogram is a thousand grams. Whenever you say you have any number with a k behind it, you're basically putting three zeros behind it. The kind of numbers in your post are kind of impossible to reach by normal play, no offense.

for 4000k credits you would have to be level 26 666 sooooo stop lying!
that's just sad that people try to get credits for free instead of playing this amazing game and having fun and getting the credits on the side ^^

I'm level 570 and have over 1000 hours in the game. Thanks for your concern, morons. Obviously, that was a typo.

@chaton This is why there should be a ticket system.

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@chaton Still waiting. If you guys aren't going to take care of your mistake you can just say so.

Hello @MLB7,

We reviewed your log files of August and didn't see a huge credit drop. The statistics look very stable and are far below 130k. That's why we asked you a screenshot. Do you remember when exactly you found out that you've lost 50k?

@chaton probably look back to the point it happened. You guys already admitted you had the bug so you know when it happened.

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@Raibi said in Credits disappeared:

Hello @MLB7,
Thank you for reaching out to us!
This bug seemed to affect people in a last update. When did you notice this change?

@chaton How about you guys grab a calculator and look at my games played and do the math. It won't add up.

I realize I'm being an A-hole, but I've spent a lot of time in your game and you basically deleted it. Now you are telling me to prove it when you guys made the mistake.

Hey @MLB7,

We reviewed again your log files back to last December and still didn't see a huge credit drop.
The statistics are really stable, and you have around 80-81k as you mentioned.

@chaton Why not just give him the credits back? This is, as far as I am aware, the first complaint regarding anything like this that he has made. He is a loyal player with over 1000hrs. Probably doesn't mean anything, but still, why would he lie?

That fact that you think MBL7 would have screenshots is absurd. You literally admitted that this was a bug and that it happened to other players, so why would you guys be skeptical of this? Is it because of the severity of the loss? Maybe you think he is trying to take advantage of the bug? Idk, but what I do know is that MLB7 is a very humble person and most likely wouldn't lie.
Besides, it's not like these credits are obtainable through micro-transaction and provide no in game advantage. So what is the big deal?
I honestly couldn't give two shits about what is happening here; but I also wouldn't want to be treated like this.

@chaton I had 130k credits man. I had all the credits i received after beta as well. I was 150+ when we were wiped and given credits. This is straight up BS.