We here at BBLANZ would like to announce the re-introduction of the BBLANZ Austral-Asian Cup! We will be holding a competition aimed towards coaches from the Oceanic and Asian region in a group stage/knock-out format. So we would like to extend an open invitation to all coaches that can accommodate the Australasian/Asian time-zones and join in to find out who is the best in the region!

This competition will be completely separate from the BBLANZ league and all coaches will be required to create new teams. Not only that, each new team's name must reflect the country/region they represent (Australasian and Asian regions obviously). These teams may not partake in a long competition, but it will be plenty rewarding with $200AUD worth of prizes on the table.

If you are interested and would like to know about more of the details, then please visit the Steam page in the link below: